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Volvo. A brand core moves with the times. Repositioning through cooperation marketing

For brand positioning, one usually proceeds in such a way that the brand is in relation to

the competition is looking for its own segment in the market and is as unassailable as possible there stands alone in the customer's mindset.

Volvo has occupied the brand value "safety" for decades

If you look at the Volvo brand, it means: A Volvo is safer than other cars in this class, less sporty than BMW, cheaper than Mercedes. Accordingly, the brand value “safety” has formed the basis for the for decades overall positioning of the Swedes. For generations, the entire Volvo Communication geared towards this value. Other product benefits, such as sportiness,

Elegance or design consistently remained in the background, both in the Further development of the product design as well as in communication. "Volvo. for life" has stood for the customer need to protect what you love for years.

Volvo's goal was to position itself more strongly in the premium segment

Then in 2011 the big change in strategy for corporate communications: “Designed

Around You" is intended to place the customer more at the center and the brand as a premium position providers. Volvo had planned to move from the mid-size segment to the luxury segment position and relies on values ​​such as "modernity", functional luxury and

Scandinavian Luxury, and in order to convey this in a credible way, they decided

We are looking for cooperation partners who reflect exactly these values.

The cooperation with a premium manufacturer of audio should make the decisive difference

In my case, it was the British high-end audio brand Bowers & Wilkins It should express that you surround yourself with "high-end" sound in the Volvo in order to to make the driving experience even more exciting. So that the whole thing also on the outside became visible, they themselves used the design elements of Bowers & Wilkins and places the "Tweeter on Top" very conspicuously, in the middle of the dashboard behind the windshield. Even from the outside it was clear that this was about must act something very special. With Bowers&Wilkins and “Sound Around You” already covered one of the essential new values.

Volvo did it. Volvo has managed to get a new one with the right partners. To develop a position and to be on an equal footing with Mercedes and BMW in the luxury segment to position. Not forgetting the value of safety and security for those we love, but together with the new themes of luxury and design could create a unique Positioning to be established.

Repositioning without endangering the core of the brand

A few years later, the security central value was even given an ingenious update and the bravura masterpiece of dynamic brand management begins! The former focus, namely that a safe car protects lives in the event of an accident, shifts in the sense of the zeitgeist: In times of artificial intelligence and self-learning systems is now set a step earlier. High technology round When it comes to autonomous driving, the accident must be avoided altogether! Perfect fit for the entire target group, because that inspires the supporters of the value "safety" just as much like the important new target group of the tech-savvy Generation Y.


Linguistically and visually, however, Volvo stays with the emotions associated with protecting the Telling loved ones - excellent, modern emotional storytelling! The film trilogy "Wedding", followed by the short film series "Human-Made-Stories" speaks of the technical possibilities and a future in which the dream of absolute security becomes truth.

Watch the short film "Wedding" and you'll definitely realize how goal-oriented Volvo the emotional topic of music and luxury brand communicatively very effectively uses:


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