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Opening up new target groups and increasing the range through the use of influencer marketing


Reflections by Harman Kardon was initiated and produced by Harman Kardon

Campaign in collaboration with Volvo Cars. The new and improved Premium Sound

Harman Kardon system was a world first in the XC40. As part of this collaboration

Volvo Cars has committed to taking the Harman Kardon campaign beyond its own

media worldwide. It reinforces the message that great sound is a

is an important part of the driving experience.

There is a strong trend towards web series, podcasts and live streaming. Content is king

and a lifestyle brand needs a reason to speak up regularly. we wanted to focus on the vehicle and the new sound system and at the same time create interesting lifestyle content for our picky audience. Reflections by Harman Kardon is a mini-documentary series with three episodes of 16-18 each minutes of length in which two renowned artists embark on a road trip in the XC40, to make music. Their job was to create the perfect soundtrack for the Harman Kardon to create premium sound in the XC40. To do this, they visited three of the liveliest Music cities of Europe to collect sounds and find inspiration. Her main goal was to write a separate song for each city: Stockholm, Berlin and Amsterdam. We followed her journey and creative process as she explored the places she visited, and the people they met - and the car - as tools in the creative process use process. At the end of each episode you'll hear a snippet of the end result - the song, theirs


It is primarily a branding campaign focused on the awareness and strengthening Harman Kardon's position as a premium product concentrated within the Volvo Cars sound system range. It is a matter of Branded content with a very subtle branding that focuses on a interesting story to tell that shows how Harman Kardon - and Volvo Cars - target audience interest in new music and travel understands. Access to and insights into places and people that you don't normally see gets, as well as insights into the creative process are also from our target group considered premium.

Campaign Goals

The main goal is to raise awareness of Harman Kardon Premium Sound in the Volvo XC40 increase and visit the campaign page to watch one or more episodes. The main goal was to increase awareness and brand awareness.

The results speak for themselves:

Wide reach: 1.5 million views

Deep penetration: 13.8 million minutes

Average View Duration: 9:13 mins

High Relevance: CTR 1.9%

Strengthened Partnership

And here you see the result, I hope you like it. Have fun looking, better

still listen.



Berlin. History of the Future.

Amsterdam. Mix of Cultures.

Stockholm. Success in Minor.


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