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Brand positioning through cooperation with new, innovative formats. Formula E

Harman Kardon is considered to be innovative, design-oriented in the consumer electronics segment Lifestyle brand with tradition. The aim was to infuse the brand with new, future-oriented charging values, demonstrating values ​​such as new technologies, vision and sustainability, the innovative electric racing series was chosen as the means of transport.

Formula E was founded to tackle climate change by developing new

sustainable transport: electric vehicles.

It originally had two goals:

1. Encouraging and accelerating innovation in electric vehicle technology, to

a time when no one thought about it.

2. The perception of electric vehicles by exciting vehicles

motorsport competitions. Motor sport competitions they as a cool and workable

Alternative to communicate and so consumer interest and sales of

promote sustainable electric vehicles. Harman Kardon became the official partner of BMW i and MS&AD Andretti in Formula E. Common values, future orientation and technical precision were communicated in a 360° sponsorship activation. Under the leitmotif "Driving the Sound of the Future", dynamic electromobility was developed

combined with a high-quality sound experience. With this Formula E sponsorship and cooperation, it was possible to open up new target groups through future-oriented topics and to significantly increase the reach through stories and the production of contemporary web content. But see for yourself, have fun watching.


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